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This service agreement explicitly excludes any unforeseen items or scope of work not expressly outlined. Upgrades or balancing for existing heating systems fall outside the purview of our services. The responsibility for designs and positions lies with the customer. If scaffolding is required for a high-level hole filling, it is the responsibility of the Landlord/ Estate Agent Or Homeowner to facilitate. We disclaim liability for leaks in existing pipework, especially those arising from the conversion of un-pressurized systems to pressurized ones. B2B Heating Ltd maintains ownership of materials and services until full payment is received. Products and appliances supplied by B2B Heating Ltd are covered by the warranty/guarantee provided by the manufacturer or retailer. Warranties or guarantees are subject to the terms and conditions outlined by the manufacturer or retailer. B2B Heating Limited warrants all workmanship for a period of twelve months.

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