Power Flushing Solution

We are qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineers. We offer a professional and powerful power flushing service to help fix heating circulation problems that can lead to problems in the heating system such as cold spots on radiators, leaking radiators, noises coming from the boiler, etc.Our professional team of Engineers  in South London has been fully trained by using the latest power flushing methods.

As power flush experts, we use a machine with a powerful pump connected to the heating circuit to enable a high flow rate of water into the heating circuit which can effectively purge the system of sludge, scale and other corrosion products.

When the sludge in a heating system starts to build up, it is common to find the following typical problems:

  • Radiators cold at the top and need frequent bleeding
  • Radiators cold at the bottom
  • No heat distribution to the radiators or very poor
  • Noise from boiler
  • Boiler cutting out
  • Poor or no hot water
  • High Fuel Bills
  • Boiler failure
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