Smart Thermostat Installation

The smarter way to heat your home

Save energy and protect your home with the market leading smart technology

At B2B Heating, we’re proud to offer our customers the best products at competitive prices. And we’ve spent time researching the latest technology as part of our smart thermostat installation service.

Introducing Nest

The Nest Heating Learning 3rd Generation smart thermostat allows you to efficiently manage the temperature of your home from the palm of your hand. Set, monitor and minimise your household’s energy consumption from your smartphone.

Savings from a smart thermostat installation could amount to a 35% reduction of your energy bills.

That’s not all. Monitoring and controlling your central heating via and App is just one way to make your life easier. But what if your energy usage could be managed for you?

Well, now it can.

The Nest Heating Learning Thermostat can also adapt to your schedule and programmes itself in response. It uses sensors to monitor when your home is empty, helping keep consumption down by only using energy when you need it.

The Nest Heating Learning 3rd Generation Smart Thermostat

  • Motion sensors that automatically turn your heating off when your home is empty
  • Intelligent technology learns your heating routine and makes the changes for you
  • Heats up your home before you arrive
  • Finds out the local weather and adapts to any changes
  • Gives you control of your heating from anywhere using the Nest heating smartphone app
  • Can save you up to £200 a year on your energy bills

Want to know more? Watch this video that introduces the Nest thermostat in more detail:

Smart thermostat installation takes a matter of minutes and causes no disruption to your home. The Nest is simple to use and our engineers can help you get the best from the technology. We won’t leave until you’re happy you know how to use it.

Nest Heating Protect and CO alarm

The smoke alarm that tells you more, so you worry less

Nest Heating Protect goes beyond what any other smoke alarm can achieve. It can detect fast-burning fires, smouldering fires and carbon monoxide, then alerts you to the specific danger via your phone in case you’re not home.

Nest Heating Protect

Thinks and speaks – Tells you what the danger is and where

Connects to your phone – Alerts you when the alarm is triggered

Can be stopped from your phone – Silence the alarm from the palm of your hand

Contains CO sensors – Senses carbon-monoxide gas

Differentiates between dangers – Senses fast and slow burning fires

The future of home protection

The Nest Heating Protect smoke alarm looks after your family by testing itself over 400 times a day and lets you know everything’s working fine by glowing green once the lights go off. The alarm speaks to you if there’s a problem and your phone is notified when the batteries are low.

To see the Nest Heating Protect alarm in action, watch this short video demonstrating the full range of alerts it provides:

Want to increase the safety of your home? Talk to a B2B Heating advisor about installing Nest Heating Protect alongside your smart thermostat installation

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