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Most people prefer to opt for the Conventional boiler. It connects to traditional heating systems found in most homes with a separate hot water cylinder. They require a cold water storage tank in the loft to feed hot water to the cylinder, as well as a tank that will maintain the water level of the central heating system. Then there are the condensing boilers; highly efficient water heaters fueled by gas or oil. They condense water vapor into the exhaust gases to recover latent heat of vaporization. Combi Boilers are a combination of the two within one compact, highly-efficient space-saving model. It does not require a water tank to store hot water, instead of producing instant hot water from the boiler. Consumers generally save money on installation time and cost since no tank in the roof means less pipework.


Also popular are gas boilers. These continuously burn gas in a combustion chamber and boil water through a heat exchanger. It then pumps the water around the property through pipes and radiators, either directly to taps and showers or stored in a hot water tank for future water usage. It can use either on-grid gas or LPG stored with the unit. Also powered by the grid are electric boilers, which have water running through it and uses an electric heating element to boil it.


System boilers only heat, and yet still store hot water like a conventional boiler. It will always need to be supported by an insulated hot water storage tank and a cold water tank. Oil boilers use an oil-fired boiler to heat water, similar to gas, but the oil supply must be delivered and stored in a tank. Solid-fuel boilers use items such as coal, wood, and paper to create a fire inside the boiler that must be active at all times. To ensure the surplus heat can always be used, the boiler must be continuously connected to a hot-water system or radiator.


Both Vaillant Boilers and Worcester Boilers sell an extensive range of the popular combi, conventional, and system boilers and offer an extended warranty on their products. However, this warranty is only available to Vaillant customers if they pay an additional fee and to Worcester customers if they have their products installed by an accredited installer. They each also have their own, eco-friendly technology: Vaillant’s EcoTec range and Worcester’s Greenstar range. The Greenstar range is typically compact.  In regards to price, on average, Vaillant products are more affordable than Worcester’s. Again, both also offer mechanical and digital controls that enable up to 7-day programming and wireless connections that can be operated via smartphones and tablets.